Nintendo 64 dating sim

With such incredible interest in them both, we don't think it's too far a stretch to believe that Nintendo will aim for third-time lucky next year, and extend the line further, with a micro version of the next console in the chain: the N64.Indeed, we're willing to bet our grandmothers on a Nintendo Classic Mini: N64 Edition - otherwise known as N64 Classic Mini - being announced in summer of 2018.

It took mere minutes after Nintendo UK opened its own pre-order page for the 2017 retro games machine to sell out too.

And with one or two corroborating rumours flying around, it's why we present everything you need to know about the prospective device, including our wish list of games we'd like to see on it.

We'll update this feature as and when new information comes to light.

Nintendo's future as a console competitor remains, if not uncertain, at least challenging as the current generation of home console are our-pacing the Wii U in terms of both sales and raw power.

Essentially PCs, the Xbox One and the Play Station 4 boast more muscle under the hood than the nearly two year old Wii U.


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