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There is disagreement in the sources as to whether the drow speak Elvish or a separate Drow dialect/language.

I allowed anyone with the "martial weapon proficiency" or "exotic weapon proficiency" to gear up with any of the respective weapons, since I expect that many groups do this (i.e., a cleric of a military sect could use any martial weapon). If your intelligence entitles you to more bonus languages than are listed for your race, I let you choose freely.

The face character specialized in talking and keeping everyone's attention.

Which let the sneak do all sorts of somewhat unethical things unnoticed while the face kept everyone busy.

For help identifying sourcebook abbreviations, see my Sourcebook Abbreviations Guide.

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Those options also tend to be wildly unbalanced and rarely recieve errata.I will use the color coding scheme which has become common among Pathfinder build handbooks, which tend to be more consistent than 3.5 handbooks.Because so little of 3.5 is available on the SRD, I will attempt to tag items with a superscript indicating their book of origin. When the height is selected or randomly generated, the initial weight shown is around the actual real-world weight for a lean person of that height and strength.Monsters with more than 5 levels in their monster classes (i.e., aurak draconians, sivak draconians, illithids, hound archons, trolls, astral devas, rakshasas, jann, alaghi, desmodus) show no class between level 6 and their maximum monster levels." var y=0; var q=0; var z=0; var d1=0; var d2=0; var d3=0; var d4=0; var d5=0; var strength=0; var intelligence=0; var wisdom=0; var constitution=0; var charisma=0; var dexterity=0; var statwentto=0; var secondstatwentto=0; var thirdstatwentto=0; var fourthstatwentto=0; var fifthstatwentto=0; var sixthstatwentto=0; var Character Type Has Been Established=false; var Abilities Have Been Established=false; var Classes Have Been Established=false; var Abilities Are Properly Assigned=false; var Dice Have Been Rolled=false; var Skill Points Are Locked=false; var Ability Increases Are Locked=false; var Fighter Feats Etc Frozen=false; var barbarian_totem=0; var ranger_totem=0; var rogue_totem=0; var cleric_totem=0; var druid_totem=0; var monk_totem=0; var fighter_totem=0; var bard_totem=0; var sorcerer_totem=0; var wizard_totem=0; var psion_totem=0; var epic_ability_points_gained=0; var r=0; function Modron Height Weight() function Total Scout Levels() function Total Spellthief Levels() function Total Adept Levels() function Total Spirit Shaman Levels() function Total Sohei Levels() function Total Warlock Levels() function Total Ardent Levels() function Total Archivist Levels() function Total Beguiler Levels() function Total Chaos Mage Levels() function Total Divine Mind Levels() function Total Dread Necromancer Levels() function Total Duskblade Levels() function Total Favored Soul Levels() function Total Healer Levels() function Total Hexblade Levels() function Total Knight Levels() function Total Lurk Levels() function Total Ninja Levels() function Total Paladin Of Freedom Levels() function Total Samurai Levels() function Total Swashbuckler Levels() function Total Warblade Levels() function Total Wu Jen Levels() function Total Warmage Levels() function Total Shair Levels() function Total Shugenja Levels() function IAm A(stringums) function Incarnate Totemist Soulmelds(i, j, k) function Soulborn Soulmelds(i, j , k) function Incarnate Totemist Chakrabinds(i, j, k) function Soulborn Chakrabinds(i, j, k) function incarnate_bonus() function Distribute Epic Classes() function Epic Classes A() function Epic Classes() function Control Shape() function Templates() function Negate Undead Templates() function Negate Inherited Templates() function Negate Lycanthrope Templates() function Record Ranger Foes() function Remember Ranger Foes() function Negate Ranger Foes() function Ranger Foes() function Ranger Favored Enemy Count() function Every Two Aberrant Feats() function Adjust Epic Ability Gains() function Adjust Epic Level Lists() function Adjust Ranger Foes() function Negate Language Arrows() function Do Your Feat Entitlements() function Look For Prestige Class Name() function All Performance Skills() function All Knowledge Skills() function Arrow Show() function spcr(i) function manifester_level() function Psi PPD343(i) function Psi PPD62(i) function Psi PPD127(i) function Psionic Talent Points() function Racial Essentia() function Racial Psionic Points() function Improved Manifestation Bonus() function Wild Talent Points() function Warped Mind Points() //qqq follows function Psion Points() function Ardent Points() function Lurk Points() function Divine Mind Points() function Psi Intelligence Bonus() function Psi Warrior Points() function Psi Wisdom Bonus() function Wilder Points() function Psi Charisma Bonus() function Total Essentia() function Incarnate Essentia() function Soulborn Essentia() function Totemist Essentia() function Total Psionic Points() function howmanyclasses() function Negate Hair Type() function Negate Beard Type() function totalknowledgebase() function add_a_title() function enuff(i) function suggest_titles() function Defense Bonus A(i) function Defense Bonus B(i) function Defense Bonus C(i) function Defense Bonus D(i) function Class Defense Bonus Option() function lifetime_action_points() function Epic Upitats(i) function epic_abilities() function epic_abilities A() function This Takes AMoment() function countgestalts() function Negate All Gestalts() function gestalt_character() function No Barbarian Totem() function No Rogue Totem() function No Sorcerer Totem() function No Psion Totem() function No Wizard Totem() function No Ranger Totem() function No Bard Totem() function No Fighter Totem() function No Cleric Totem() function No Druid Totem() function No Monk Totem() function Generic Totems() function Uncheck Forbidden Class Totems() function totems() function traits() function traitmax() function Armor And Weapons For NPCClasses() function Remember NPCOther Class() function Remember Gestalts() function Negate NPCOther Class(i) function Npc Other Class(i) function Basic Eye Color() function Basic Hair Color() function Basic Skin Color() // THIS IS FOR THE CANNOT BE'S OR ABSOLUTES function pigmentation() function xp_penalty() function ics() function Initialize Intelligences() function Empty Prestige Class Options() function Remember Prestige Class Options() function Prestige Class() function Sum Of Modifiers() function Adjust If Too Low4() function Raise ARandom Statistic() function Adjust If Too Low5() function Adjust If Too Low3() function Index For Weight(lbs) function x_and_heft() function Limit Weight(lightman, heavyman, lightwoman, heavywoman) function Adjust Weight() function Limit Height(shortman, tallman, shortwoman, tallwoman) function Adjust Height() function Get Ideal Weight() function Random Height() function Class Needs() function Roll Some Dice() function Eights Minimum() function Negate Non Epic Class Levels() function Negate Epic Class Levels() function Wipe Monkish Feats(numbur) function monkish_feats A() function monkish_feats() function uncheck_feat_boxes() function Adjust Feat Menus() function Animal Companion() function Warhorse() function Adjust Skill Menus() function Friendly Languages() function Languages(){ skillbought_bonus_languages=0; total_bonus_languages=0; racial_bonus_language_entitlement=0; skillbought_bonus_language_entitlement=0; total_bonus_language_entitlement=0; if (modifier_number(intelligence)0) if ((rayce==182)|(rayce==183)|(rayce==184)) skillbought_bonus_language_entitlement=speaklanguage/speaklanguage_class; total_bonus_language_entitlement=racial_bonus_language_entitlement skillbought_bonus_language_entitlement; Friendly Languages(); if (knows_all_standard_bonus_languages==true) //racialstuff if ((document.form1.dragoncohort.checked==true) |(document.form1.dragonfamiliar.checked==true) |(document.form1.dragonsteed.checked==true) |(document.form1.dragonthrall.checked==true) |(document.form1.dragonsong.checked==true) |(document.form1.dragonfriend.checked==true)) if (document.form1.speak_draconic.checked==true) if (document.form1.speak_aarakocra.checked==true) if (document.form1.speak_abyssal.checked==true) if (document.form1.speak_aquan.checked==true) if (document.form1.speak_auran.checked==true) if (document.form1.speak_buomman.checked==true) if (document.form1.speak_celestial.checked==true) if (document.form1.speak_dwarven.checked==true) if (document.form1.speak_darkelfsilent.checked==true) if (document.form1.speak_elven.checked==true) if (document.form1.speak_giant.checked==true) if (document.form1.speak_gith.checked==true) if (document.form1.speak_gnoll.checked==true) if (document.form1.speak_gnome.checked==true) if (document.form1.speak_goblin.checked==true) if (document.form1.speak_goliath.checked==true) if (document.form1.speak_halfling.checked==true) if (document.form1.speak_ignan.checked==true) if (document.form1.speak_infernal.checked==true) if (document.form1.speak_maenad.checked==true) if (document.form1.speak_mongrelfolk.checked==true) if (document.form1.speak_neraphim.checked==true) if (document.form1.speak_orc.checked==true) if (document.form1.speak_pterran.checked==true) if (document.form1.speak_raptoran.checked==true) if (document.form1.speak_catfolk.checked==true) if (document.form1.speak_modron.checked==true) if (document.form1.speak_shadowswyft.checked==true) if (document.form1.speak_slaad.checked==true) if (document.form1.speak_sylvan.checked==true) if (document.form1.speak_terran.checked==true) if (document.form1.speak_thrikreen.checked==true) if (document.form1.speak_undercommon.checked==true) if (document.form1.speak_xeph.checked==true) if (document.form1.speak_yuanti.checked==true) if (document.form1.speak_illithid.checked==true) if (document.form1.speak_illumian.checked==true) if (document.form1.speak_tasloi.checked==true) if (document.form1.speak_sahuagin.checked==true) if (document.form1.speak_lupin.checked==true) if (document.form1.speak_hengeyokai.checked==true) if (document.form1.speak_spiritfolk.checked==true) if (document.form1.speak_ratling.checked==true) if (document.form1.speak_vanara.checked==true) if (document.form1.speak_synad.checked==true) if (document.form1.speak_grippli.checked==true) if (document.form1.speak_beholder.checked==true) if (document.form1.speak_kuotoa.checked==true) if (document.form1.speak_otherlanguage1.checked==true) if (document.form1.speak_otherlanguage2.checked==true) if (document.form1.speak_otherlanguage3.checked==true) if (document.form1.speak_otherlanguage4.checked==true) if (document.form1.speak_otherlanguage5.checked==true) if (document.form1.speak_otherlanguage6.checked==true) if ((Feats Are Locked==false)|(total_bonus_language_entitlement==0)|((knows_all_standard_bonus_languages==true)&(skillbought_bonus_language_entitlement==0))) else function Arms() function lock_skills() function goodsave(levello) function poorsave(levello) function goodattack(levello) function averageattack(levello) function poorattack(levello) function Add Up The Classes() function Remember Fighter Feats Etc() function produce Character Sheet() function raise_ability(whazyt,howhigh) function up04(whichwun) function Negate All Up04() function up08(whichwun) function Negate All Up08() function up12(whichwun) function Negate All Up12() function up16(whichwun) function Negate All Up16() function up20(whichwun) function Negate All Up20() function Negate Barbarian Literacy() function Negate Ranger Combat Track() function Remember Whether Barbarian Can Read() function Negate Familiar Choices() function Negate NPCOther Familiar Choices() function Negate Hengeyokai Choices() function Remember Ranger Combat Track() function Remember Familiar() function Remember Hengeyokai() function Negate Wizard Specialization() function Negate Psion Specialization() function Reset Psion Specialties() function Reset Wizard Specialties() function Remember Wizard Specialty() function Remember Psion Specialty() function Wizard Specialty() function Psion Specialty() function forbidden_school_count() function Naturally Illiterate() function Invite Barbarian To Read() function Choose Familiar() function Choose Hengeyokai() function Negate Hengeyokai() function Negate Familiars() function Choose Ranger Combat Track() function Ranger Foes A() function Freeze Fighter Feats Etc() function Domains() function accept Increases() function Raise Intelligences Here And Above(i) function Remember Which Abilities You Raised() function Monitor Templates() function lock_identity() function unable(i) function lock_abilities() function Have ISix Stats() function Point Buy Is Eights Or Better() function assign_stat(numbur) function assignstat(whichstat,whichability) function Display True Statistics() function Negate Draconic Heritage() function Draconic Heritage Count() function Dragonblood Subtype() function Feats() function dexterity_e() function intelligence_e() function wisdom_e() function charisma_e() function constitution_e() function strength_e() function Racial Substitution Level Skills() function Not Your Skills() function modifier_number(skillo) function modifier_string(skillo) function Skill Points Per Level(klasso) function Figure Class Skills And Total Skill Points() function Martial Lore() function Number To Ability(numb) function Record Fighter Feats Etc() function Record Gestalt Classes() function Wipe Domains() function Abilities Well Increased() function upsky(klass) function Negate Skills() function Mandatory Totem Minimums() function Weapon Finesse String() function Melee String() function Minus Five Melee String() function Minus Five Weapon Finesse String() function Get Bonus Tricks(i) function PLBMA(i) function Write For All Lycanthropes() function familiar_level_modifier(i) function Rewrite Locked Ability Assignments() function set Case (case Selection) function Remember Feats() function Record Feats() function Negate Feats() function quickslowmodifier() function modifyforquickslowtrait() function Calculate Hit Points() function Calculate Lycanthrope Hit Points() function Calculate Armor Class() function epic_base_attack_bonus() function epic_save_bonus() function bspd(spell_level) function cspd(spell_level,character_level) function artspd(spell_level,character_level) function aspd(spell_level,character_level) function duskbladespd(spell_level,character_level) function pspd(spell_level,character_level) function healerspd(spell_level,class_levels) function sspd(spell_level,class_levels) function shspd(spell_level,class_levels) function wspd(spell_level, i) function shairspd(spell_level) /* function psippd(power_level) function pwppd(power_level) */ /* function bonus_spell(spell_level,ability_score) */ function bonus_spell(spell_level,ability_score) function Prepare Bard Spell Arrays() function Prepare Cleric Spell Arrays() function Prepare Adept Spell Arrays() function Prepare Duskblade Spell Arrays() function Prepare Artificer Spell Arrays() function Prepare Druid Spell Arrays() function Prepare Paladin Spell Arrays() function Prepare Hexblade Spell Arrays() function Prepare Spellthief Spell Arrays() function Prepare Ranger Spell Arrays() function Prepare Sorcerer Spell Arrays() function Prepare Dread Nec Spell Arrays() function Prepare Beguiler Spell Arrays() function Prepare Shaman Spell Arrays() function Prepare Healer Spell Arrays() function Prepare FSSpell Arrays() function Prepare Wizard Spell Arrays() function Prepare Archivist Spell Arrays() function Prepare Shair Spell Arrays() function slottage(i) function Final Suggestions() function lock_feats() function pointbuy(numbur) function Change Dice Method() function Total Point Buy() function Tell About Point Buy() function Wizard Specialty A() function Domains A() function Psion Specialty A() function Npc Other Class A(i) function Prestige Class A() function Prestige Class Aq() function Domain Count() Please be sure your browser is javascript-enabled and your java and javascript consoles are current. Random rolls that guarantee certain point-buy values are available. Following the example in the "Player's Handbook", I chose to leave space for players to write their own spells as they are learned, since this is likely to vary some among campaigns.


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