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Even non-Origin customers received the bill prompting the energy giant to send out a warning.

We can finally assess (sort of) the carbon tax in Australia.

An email scam has hit tens of thousands of Australians, with Origin Energy customers targeted.

The emails appear to contain the official logo and looks like a real energy bill but Australians have been warned the emails are a scam from a server in France.

Chronic diseases, including cancer which is also featured in this chapter, are the leading cause of ill health and death in Australia, and have been for some decades, now that the impact of communicable diseases has diminished through vaccination and other prevention and treatment practices.

There has been considerable success in this country in preventing and treating many chronic diseases—for example, through national cancer screening programs that offer better and earlier detection.

But overall, the adverse effects of behavioural and other health risk factors, combined with an ageing population, have led to an increase in their impact on our society.

The toy's serial number came back to a manufacturer in China, the publication reported.

Mahnun Mat Isa, a 40-year-old Malaysian mother and school teacher, told Berita Harian she has reported the set to the Islamic council and to police officers.'I ask the authorities to not freely allow the entry of toys that touch on religious sensitivities in this country,' Ms Mahnun said.'I came to know about it when my son who was playing with the toy showed me the 'terrorist' character holding a banner which displayed the words 'Allah' and 'Muhammad'.'Daily Mail Australia has contacted Lego for comment.


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