Avast 6 is not updating Videocamsex phone

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please note this guide is already outdated as there has been a release of version 2014. to version 2014 check the new guide ‘How to Update Your avast! So the new program version 2014 (or version 9) is out there and you’re wondering how to update your avast! With some other vendors you would need to actually pay for the update but not with avast! If you version is out-dated or if you aren’t sure you can easily check if there is a newer one available. If for any reason you would like to go back to your previous version, you need to uninstall the program, get the installer for previous version, and install avast! Getting the installer for your previous version may be quite hard as avast!

user and you can do the program update completely for free.

It usually contains some additional offers for Avast products like free 20-day trial of Avast Internet Security and more information about the applied program update.

To close this screen and start using Avast antivirus just click on the link ‘No thanks – close this window‘.

Otherwise your computer can potentially get infected and antivirus won’t help you.

Having the same issue on all my laptops and desktop machines, which use either Windows XP or Window 7; none of them will update!

A similar definitions update problem popped up early last week on two of my machines running Avast, but I was able to resolve it by simply uninstalling and reinstalling Avast 7. A look at Avast's website (» mentions support dropped as of January 1, 2017 for version 4.8.0 has VPS, but there is mentioned about version 5 to 8.

Sometimes Avast may also block safe programs or websites because of the out-dated virus definitions. Major updates to Avast virus definitions are usually released daily, while the smaller ones are delivered constantly throughout the day via the streaming updates.

By default all Avast antivirus solutions (Free Antivirus, Pro Antivirus, Internet Security and Premier) are downloading the virus definitions updates automatically when your computer has access to the Internet.


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